* New Site Design and Development * Existing Site Maintenance *

New Site Design and Development
A presence on the Internet can help you reach many potential customers who are searching for your products or services. We will work with you to help you decide what is necessary, what is desirable, and what works for you. We will help you understand the structure, layout and appearance of your site.

We offer:
  • Professional web design and development services
  • Custom backgrounds
  • Buttons
  • Mouse over color changing links
  • Graphics and pictures
  • Custom 3D word (name logo)
  • JavaScript functions (image rollovers, etc.)
  • Order form
  • Shopping cart
  • Custom database with search and administration sections
  • Loading (FTP) pages onto your server

Existing Site Maintenance

Web site maintenance is very important. Your pages have to constantly be updated in content and/or graphics. Web site maintenance is insurance to keep your site effective, or to change and meet your Internet page goals. Customers will NOT keep returning if they donít find anything new on your site on a regular basis.