“Mens sana in corpore sano” — a Roman saying,
which means: “a healthy mind in a healthy body”.

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The mission of Vivacity Chess is to promote chess, with all its social, educational and competitive benefits, for people of all ages, especially children.
Vivacity’s approach to chess is based on the belief that chess has a lot more to offer than raw competition. Chess does for the brain just what sport does for the body: it facilitates growth and development. Vivacity uses chess as a tool to unleash students’ hidden intellectual potential with the ultimate goal to make them successful in life by developing logic and imagination, self-confidence and focus, strategic thinking and creativity, speed and clarity of mind. In the process of developing their inner-self our members become better players as well. Read more…

Vivacity Chess Center offers variety of programs to hone one’s mind. Choose the program that is right for your needs and budget.
Playing chess boosts
  • Logic and Imagination
  • Self-confidence and Focus
  • Strategic Thinking and Creativity
  • Speed and Clarity of Mind
    Vivacity Chess programs motivate participants and enhance their higher order thinking skills, build self-esteem, teach self-discipline, foster positive social skills, stimulate academic growth, and empower members to succeed, one move at a time