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Vianne Patterson (Solon, OH)  
Thank you so much for inviting us to participate in the Beachwood Sunday Chess. All three boys enjoyed your teaching and of course enjoyed the competition.

Maria Nicholas (Hudson, OH)  
... and he was in second place [National Championship] after 4 rounds and played onstage for the fifth. He lost, Grant tied one other match, and got the 6th place trophy. He won 5, lost 1 and tied 1. The trophy is almost 3 feet tall. We are so very proud of him and thankful for your help in instilling the passion for chess in him. He is lucky to have you as his mentor.

Steve Nicholas (Hudson, OH)  
I want to thank you for your outstanding committment to all the children.

Desia Kowalysko (Novelty, OH)  
Thank you for your fabulous training program. It's systematic and positive. The kids' achievements underscore your ability and effort. Thank you!!

Denis M. Wolowiecki (Hudson, OH)  
Thank you for your wonderful guidance and coaching of the boys on the chess team. They did a magnificent job at the State Championship! A tremendous accomplishment and we are very proud. Alex is so proud of everything that he is learning and delights in trying his new strategies on me when we play. He is starting to win on a regular basis and I see his skills improving dramatically since he started taking your classes. Thanks again for your time and talents.

Dennis Matecun (Hudson, OH)  
Alex - We appreciate your working with the kids. Chase is looking forward to seeing you and his chess classmates at the next session!

Marie Nicholas (Hudson, OH)  
Thanks for ALL that you do for the kids and chess in Hudson.

Jin-Ping Zhou (Hudson, OH)  
Lawence really likes your class. We pushed him to learn chess before, but it was not a very good experience for us. I am so glad that you made him to go forward. Thank you very much.

Brian N. Eisen (Shaker Hts., OH)  
Thank you for last night’s event. Zane had a great time.

Kris Frydenberg (Orange, OH)  
Rachel and Matt enjoyed the class yesterday, and came home and told us what they had learned. See you next week.

Lianghu Tian (Hudson, OH)  
Aaron loves your Chess Program at Hudson. Every day he asks me to play with him. Thank you for your efforts.

Lisa Betts (Hudson, OH)  
Ryan is really enjoying the chess club.

Kiyonori Mizuno (Mayfield Hts., OH)  
Natsuki likes your class so much.

Eric Schikowski (Solon, OH)  
Ryan and Colleen very much enjoyed your chess camp at Orange this past summer.

Marty Saternow-Gadola (Hudson, OH)  
Gregg enjoys the sessions and is interested in doing the next four weeks as well.

Charles Modlin (Shaker Hts., OH)  
I wanted to express my appreciation to you for teaching Trey and offering him support.

Gina Luciano (Mayfield Hts., OH)  
Nick enjoyed your CAMP program very much.

Jim Rondinella (Canton, OH)  
Thank you for sending each month's newsletter. I am a chess coach for grades 1-8 and your insight and information I pass on to my players.

Desia Kowalysko (Novelty, OH)  
Roman loves your classes. He's sooooo impressed with you!

Sheri Whitford (Berea, OH)  
Sean would really like to keep taking the class he enjoyed it!
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