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Maria Parker (Richfield, OH)  
Grayson is playing chess with the middle/high school team and loves it. He is the only 5th grader on the team.

Jayakumar Narayanan (Aurora, OH)  
Pranav won the second place yesterday. He is so excited. Thank you for your support & mentoring.

Haleh Ayrom-Keuchel (mom of Hawken student)  
Today, I got Connor's first interim report. I was so happy and proud when I looked at the results and the teachers' comments. It seems one of Connor's most obvious strengths is his ability to Focus! I thank you to be a part of that strength!

Barak Kraus (Akron, OH)  
Steven was very proud (and we were too) of his very first 1st place finish and we thought that the confidence it will bring him is the most important thing at this point...Thanks for all your work with him.

Paula Leigh-Doyle   (Head of Hershey Montessori School)
Thank you for teaching Hershey After School children and for giving them such a positive experience of the success that comes from effort and practice!

Masha Andreini (Shaker Hts., OH)  
Thank you so much for a great chess year! Yasha loves chess school and Danya really enjoyed lessons with you.

Georgeanne Botek (Willoughby Hills, OH)  
I love seeing Jonathan's love of chess. Because of you and your program, his education and character are enriched and continue to develop making him into a fine young man. Thank you for your dedication, knowledge, and for helping his success with the game of chess.

Eric Morris, chess parent and coach (Toledo, OH)  
If you are the parent of a child that shows a natural talent for chess, then I believe your child should learn from the best teacher available. Mr. Kitsis' students achieve fantastic results at the local and state levels on a routine basis. Some of his students are hall-of-fame caliber players, representing Ohio very well at national tournaments.

Paru Nanjundiah, M. D. (Hudson, OH)  
We are impressed by Vijay’s chess playing ability. Yesterday Vijay beat his dad in a grand way!! Thank you for everything you do for him.

Meng Ni (Beachwood, OH)  
We are moving to Milwaukee, WI on Feb 13th. Thank you for giving Tinglin chess lessons for these years! He enjoyed a lot.

Ronald Martin (Kent, OH)  
I really appreciate all of the help you have been giving me. As a student, it is very nice to know you have a teacher interested in your improvement.

Lianghu Tian (Hudson, OH)  
One thing I want to share with you about is Aaron’s achievement in the academic study. He is listed as “Distinguished Student” of Hudson Schools. His final study report shows four “A+” and three “A”. I believe chess helped him a lot. Since he got into the middle school, he manages his time very well.

Cristian Prada (Richmond Hts., OH)  
I've played a couple of games with my son yesterday and he gave me a very elegant check-mate in just a few moves. On top of it: he understood my mistake and told me what I was supposed to do not to lose (so it wasn't a random victory!). I was really impressed! Thank you!

Cristian Prada (Richmond Hts., OH)  
Thank you for all your nice efforts with our children. Of course, not all of them are made to become champions, but they are learning very important life lessons. I think this is the goal of all parents. I can see that Christian has also improvement in his school's achievements.

Naomi and Nate Shiffman (Beachwood, OH)  
Nate came home happy every day and enjoyed the camp

Wuyanbu Zutali (Canton, OH)  
When I was 19, there was nothing like your program ... for ambitious players. The new generation has no idea how lucky they are.

Focco van den Akker, Ph.D (Shaker Hts., OH)  
Thank you for the great chess week (Winter Chess CAMP) for my son Anno.

Lisa Strebler (Hudson, OH)  
Mike and I are appreciative of the time you spent with Sam [at Summer Chess Camp]. He really enjoyed himself and I hope will pursue chess.

Joyce Balli (Akron, OH)  
Thanks for teaching Chess at Old Trail School's after school program. My son, Alex, enjoyed the program.

Tom Xu (Hudson, OH)  
Our family is moving to Baltimore end of June. We will miss you and the wonderful chess learning experience. But both Alex and I will continue on learning chess.
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