Attention Corporate Leaders and Event Managers!
*** Would you like to enhance the mental wellness of your employees?
*** Would you like to entertain your clients with an unparalleled intellectual challenge?

Vivacity offers entertaining and intellectually stimulating programs. Vivacity will organize and run a chess event for your business at YOUR location or Vivacity's location. Contact Vivacity and we will design a custom program that will fit your needs and budget!

Mental stamina, focus, speed and clarity of mind…Let us help your employees to bring their intellectual might to the higher level and maintain longevity and endurance of their peak mental performance.

Dr. Milan R. Vukcevich is a distinguished theoretical scientist whose work was considered for a Nobel Prize. Recalling a time, when he was an MIT student and a leader of MIT chess team, he said: “The game forced us to develop our own technology for solving problems. Chess made us into better thinkers, and that should be its true role in our society.” (An excerpt from Dr. Vukcevich induction speech to the US Chess Hall of Fame, 1998:

  “The nature of the decision making process is little explored. Computers look at millions of options per second, weighing each one to find the mathematically best moves. And yet a human, seeing just two or three options per second, but guided by intuition and experience, can compete with the mighty machines.”
Garry Kasparov, WSJ, 03/14/05

In the early 1980s, “Harvard Business Review” conducted a survey of the top 100 American CEOs with the goal of identifying a single most important factor that contributed to the phenomenal success of those CEOs. To the surprise of many, all 100 said it was listening to their instincts and intuition were the most significant contributors for their success. Chess players use this unique formula in thinking; the same formula that fosters the thinking process in chess could be used to improve problem solving and decision making in business.

Chess is a natural training tool to enhance the effectiveness of thinking. The decision making process in chess involves making hundreds of decisions under time pressure with limited information and the stiff resistance of an intelligent opponent. What does it take to make quick and sound decisions? Go to the source, learn from a Master.

Will any of your employees/customers be able to defeat a Master? Would you like a Chess Master to play simultaneously against an entire audience? Can a Chess Master successfully play against 20-30 or 50 people at the same time? Check it out first hand, schedule a Simultaneous Exhibit!

Vivacity offers programs for employees and their children/grandchildren. Not only does chess develop "mental muscles" but the game also creates a bond between parents and children. This program provides an opportunity for adults (dads, moms, grandparents, etc.) to spend time with their children and introduce them to an intellectually stimulating activity at the same time. Each workshop includes an interactive instruction and ample time for play between parent and child, and/or between families.

CHESS COMPETITION (ex. Company Championship)
  “The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly…”
Theodore Roosevelt

No knowledge is complete without practice. Let your employees become immersed in a competition of minds and enhance their intellectual power.

Chess Clubs allow employees (and their children) to play under the supervision of and with pointers from an experienced instructor. Chess breaks age, gender, and racial barriers and allow participants to enjoy an intellectually stimulating activity in a safe environment.

Become a sponsor of a chess program at a local school. Bring chess with all of it benefits of cognitive development to children in your neighborhood. Help local kids make better moves in chess and in life.

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