In Loving Memory of Dr. Milan R.Vukcevich
By Michelle Vukcevich
Shortly after my husband died, Aleksandr Kitsis contacted me with the idea of naming a monthly scholastic chess tournament after Milan. The tourney was a way of honoring Milanís memory and the many accomplishments he achieved involving the chess world. I gratefully accepted, knowing that Milan would be both proud and humbled, for he always encouraged and appreciated new talent.
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   Vukcevich Super Cup (VSC)

The Vukcevich Super Cup series is a chain of tournaments; each tournament is an independent event with its own monthly awards. All tournaments are OPEN to general public. In addition to monthly awards, Individual and Team Super Cup TROPHIES are awarded to the Varsity Division players based on the cumulative results during the Super Cup season.

In his Hall of Fame speech and private discussions, Milan Vukcevich defended the evolution of chess. He believed that chess in any form has an important role in our society, the role of developing inner potential and preparing children for future challenges. Giving a scholastic event the name of GM Vukcevich creates a symbolic bridge between Milan's deeds and the generations of young players. Hopefully his ideas and his spirit will carry on through scholastic chess events. The chess community will become richer by absorbing ideas, open minded nature, and fighting spirit of Milan Vukcevich, the respected scientist, well known chess player and one of the best chess composers in the world.

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