2004-2005 Ohio Proficiency Results for
3rd graders of Oxford Elementary School
at Cleveland Hts., OH

At the beginning of the pilot chess program we had three groups of students, about 20 pupils in each group, with about equal knowledge of the subject (math).  Yet, at the end of the school year, students from the chess group (with the exception of 2 students) all passed the test at or above proficiency level; while students from the two control groups (with a few exceptions in each group) performed below proficiency level. (see the table below)

(Number of students preformed at the specified level of proficiency)
MATH Chess Group Control Group 1 Control Group 2
Advanced 1 1 1
Accelerated 6 1 2
Proficient 12 4 0
Basic 1 0 2
Limited 1 7 13
Below Limit 0 5 3

With such vivid difference in the proficiency testís results between two groups, the outcome of the pilot chess program exceeded all expectations. Additional financial assistance is vital in extending Vivacity Chess Program and its many documented benefits to a larger population of students.