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"Kitsis does a good job of integrating each new concept into the knowledge base established in prior chapters, and keeps the student involved in active learning throughout the process... Chess, Step by Step succeeds in creating an interesting curriculum that both challenges and involves the student in active learning. It will prove a good addition to any instructional program aimed at the target audience. I can recommend it without reservation."
David Surratt,
For a complete review, go to
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"I used the book to go over the moves of the pieces.  I found it very helpful to have children do the various exercises on how the pieces move.  It reinforces what I taught students and lets me see which of them have not mastered the moves.  I also found the book very helpful for teaching check, checkmate, and castling.   We did not get through the whole book by any means but I am encouraging the students to continue working through it.  I found the exercises very helpful and a couple parents have commented to me that it really helped them learn the game.
The books really helped in teaching the class."

Grace Wilson, Teacher,
Byrden Elementary School,
Beachwood, OH
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"I received your Book-1 a couple of months ago.  It was very well done.  Congratulations."

Stephen Herx, VP,
Chess in Schools programs, NY

"Second Book of NM Kitsis' Instructional Manual Offers Sound Blueprint for Chess Improvement.
U.S. Chess Federation National Master Aleksandr Kitsis, founder of the Vivacity School of Chess, is writing a series of books titled "Chess Step by Step: From Beginner to Champion". The best way to improve at chess is to study the game systematically, mastering in turn basic checkmating patterns, fundamental endgame techniques and solid opening principles such as development, central control and King safety. NM Alex Kitsis has provided a blueprint for this kind of systematic study with his Chess Step by Step: From Beginner to Champion series of books. The Book-2 is designed for younger readers and can be used as a curriculum for classroom instruction but it can also provide a solid foundation for adult players."

David Friedman, a Chess Coach, Chess Expert & seven time Dayton Chess Club Champion.
Dayton, OH
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"[Book-2] is outstanding! I've just barely starting playing through the exercises but it looks like your content is fine.
The photos add a touch of elegance and I like what the artist did with the cover.

Don Vicarel, a chess coach and B-class player
University Hts., OH

"I want to complement you on the workbook -4. It's the best one I've seen, and I think I've seen most, if not all, of them. I particularly like the way you cover openings."
Dan Cuprill, Chess Coach,
Cincinnati, OH