Vivacity Chess and Chinese Children

by Anne Y. Pu
Erie Chinese Journal
December 31, 2004

Chess School
for children 5+ and adults

The Chess School
Aleksandr Kitsis is the founder of Vivacity Chess School, A National Chess Master who is rated among top 1% of the US chess players.

The 36-week program offers weekly chess classes in elementary and middle schools. Chess are taught over the course of a school year as a part of the

regular school day. Students receive instructions once per week; lessons last a full class period and generally consist of a lecture, a structured activity, and time for free play. Vivacity has developed curriculum programs and workbooks for the first three years of study chess.
To continue building studentsí chess skills we offer lunch and
after-school programs, and host a weekend tournaments open to all students in the Northeast Ohio.

The Chess Program
The mission of Vivacity Chess programs is to motivate children and enhance their higher order thinking skills, self-confidence and academic

achievement by using the game of chess as an educational tool.

Vivacity Chess programs develop critical thinking skills, build self-esteem, teach discipline, foster positive social skills, motivate academic achievement, and empower children to succeed, one move at a time.