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�Mens sana in corpore sano� � a Roman saying,
which means: �a healthy mind in a healthy body�.

Welcome to VIVACITY

Vivacity aims to institute an ongoing mental wellness and intellectual development process starting from early childhood and continuing throughout a person�s life; the purpose is refine one�s thought process, polish discipline of thinking, teach elements of game plan development, train how to handle adversity, develop intuition and the courage to act upon it. The ultimate goals are to unleash the mind�s hidden potential, strengthen one�s memory and continuously extend one�s active mental life.

A child fails in school not because of a lack of mental abilities but rather because of abilities that are not developed, which prevents a child from fully comprehend material and become an active participant of learning. Even when graduating from a school or university, a young adult may have a wealth of information, yet lack the skills necessary for effective decision making; a very important skill in the business world. When dealing with life challenges, a person needs as much mental fitness as physical. Finally, every person would like to prevent (or, at the very least, delay) memory deterioration.

Vivacity's educational and entertaining method, through lectures, instructions, workshops, individual counseling, books and more, will:
     (1) Motivate and enhance higher-order thinking skills, self-confidence, discipline, emotional intelligence and academic achievement; Read more...
     (2) Improve the viability of businesses by honing decision-making and problem-solving skills of their employees; Read more...
     (3) Advance the quality of people�s lives through bettering their mental states, strengthening memory and lessening the risk of mental diseases (i.e., dementia). Read more...

Whether choosing the right move on a soccer field or basketball court, making a life decision at a crossroad or selecting a corporate strategy � Vivacity�s program will prepare a person to make a sound decision. In sum, Vivacity�s proposed method will (a) accelerate a young person�s mental development and prepare him/her to first seek a better education and then quickly adapt to the business world; (b) help a mature individual keep his/her mind sharp and strengthen mental stamina; and (c) preserve mental capability and memory longevity long into one�s golden-age.